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The High Price of Digital Disconnection

Spreadsheets are great – until they’re not. Duplicating tasks. Manual data entry. Manually checking data transfers between systems. Multiple systems and processes to achieve a result. If you’re doing any of these things, rather than utilising automated solutions, they could be impacti …

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Cru inline for Mining Tech Company of the Year 2022

It’s true that you don’t win anything in life without hard work, but knowing which efforts are worth your time and effort can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that our team at Cru Software has been nominated as one of the best Roster …

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Project rostering just got smarter: Here's how

Spreadsheets are great – until they’re not.  While they can be amazingly useful for a variety of businesses, what we hear time and again from companies with complex workforces is this: Our spreadsheets have become too big and unwieldy. They’re no longer easy to use and read. They’re t …

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Cru & MyPass Global transform resource & compliance management in mining

Today, Cru Software announced the continued expansion of its solution ecosystem integrating with MyPass Global enabling compliant workers onsite faster than ever before! 

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Harmony Gold recognised for innovative workforce management

Harmony Gold featured in Australian Mining Magazine

Harmony Gold Partners with Cru Software - Rostering for Success We are delighted to celebrate the partnership between Cru Software and Harmony Gold, a world-class gold mining and exploration company with a global presence. After wanting and needing to transform their traditional and m …

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NERA fund Cru to pioneer rapid tech solution to combat the unexpected

NERA fund Cru Software for rapid tech solution

NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) has awarded Cru Software funding to help scale our innovative rostering solution. As a result of the funding, we will be able to improve our rostering capability in the area of COVID-19, and we will be able to focus more on the impact modelli …

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Cru Software receives Innovation award from leading Oil & Gas producer

Automated Gathering Network Design software

Thank you, Santos! Santos Onshore Development and Cru Software have been awarded the Directors EHSS Awards for 'Innovation & Efficiency'. Cru was recognised for its  Automated Network Design (ANT) solution that saved Santos millions in design and construction costs. Before using A …

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Don't forget those in need: Helping those affected by the floods

Are you paying attention or is it fading to the back of your mind? Out of sight, out of mind. Regardless of the fact that media hype has died down and the roads are passable, not everyone in our communities are safe and sound. Checking in with family, neighbours, friends, and business …

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Cru Software expands Solution Ecosystem by Partnering with Market Leader, Fly2Work.

Today, Cru Software announced the continued expansion of its solution ecosystem by partnering with Fly2Work, a SAAS market leader in automated travel management for mobile workforces. The partnership will further accelerate the digital transformation of fly-in-fly-out workforces and d …

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SME tax break - what it means: Here's what you need to know

Did you hear? It's the talk around the nation. In this year's Federal Budget, the government will introduce a technology investment boost that will apply to eligible expenditures. The program is designed to motivate SMEs to invest in digital or subscribe to cloud-based services.  Here …

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