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Scheduling software to get the right person to the right place at the right time.

Are you continuously scheduling work orders and allocating jobs?
Are you certain you’re making the best use of available resources?
Does your rostering and scheduling work in isolation?
Processing  >1.5 million work orders each year

Cater for the complex

Cru Scheduling lets you streamline how you manage mobile employees and contractors. It specifically caters to complex scheduling needs and improves communication between your schedulers and workforce.

Automated scheduling with Cru Software lets you schedule work orders based on advanced criteria.

Easy to build

You can build schedules accounting for variables such as;

  • due date,
  • roles,
  • skill sets,
  • locations, and
  • qualifications.
Control Room

Quick to schedule

Easily create schedules that meet the needs of your operations and maintenance schedules, and safety compliance. By simply adding the criteria you need to be considered, you can now quickly schedule your entire workforce across multiple sites, projects and teams.

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Scheduling platform built for large & complex teams

Scheduling platform built for large & complex teams
Cru Scheduling can automatically schedule and easily visualise thousands of operational and maintenance activities across complex and multiple sites. Plus, it has the ability to build fully optimised schedules and you can automate how your schedule is built.  
With three levels of automation, you’re in full control. With users able to manually schedule, use our semi automated functionality, or use the fully optimised automatic scheduler.

Cru Scheduling gives you and your team a host of benefits


Cru Dozer-1

Combine solutions for optimal workforce management

Combining both software solutions lets you schedule, manage, engage and analyse your workforce in a single cloud based app. Regardless of where they’re located.

Cru scheduling leverages the power of Cru Rostering. Once you’ve built your roster in Cru Rostering, you can begin allocated work activities to your team in Cru Scheduling, resulting in a unified solution for best results.

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Optimise your work day

Leverage the power of our enterprise maths engines to ensure your teams are working on critical tasks before they fall due. With a user friendly web based interface, your schedulers will find the task of allocating work orders a dream.

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