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Providing businesses with solutions tailored to your industry and organisational needs, we partner with companies who are experts in your niche. Learn more about the connections with our partners. 

Biarri Optimisation

As part of the Biarri Group, Cru Software is boosted by the innovations, expert team and revolutionary approach to solving your complex planning, scheduling and operational problems.

Biarri Optimisation has revolutionised how businesses use mathematics to improve their efficiency. Using a powerful development platform, the Biarri team brings together world leading mathematical engines with modern, cloud based web applications.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS are leaders in Enterprise Architecture. Cru Software and the broader Biarri Group leverages a variety of AWS services and technologies to deliver our software products and tools. Their cluster management technologies let our innovative software meet the needs of complex and large scale workforces.

By partnering with AWS we uplevel the capabilities of Cru Software products, giving you the reassurance we’re backed by other technology leaders. 

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3Pillars Digital

To stay ahead of the game Cru Software have partnered with 3Pillars. As drivers of change and stakeholder engagement, our partnership with 3Pillars means our software solutions remain relevant, innovative and what you need.

Together we have a firm understanding of industry, where you’re heading and what you need. Sometimes even before you do.

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