Rostering & Scheduling solutions for the complex workforce

Simplify your complex rostering systems

Large-scale workforces often come with large-scale challenges, especially when it comes to rostering and scheduling. Ensuring you’ve got the right people on the job at the right time is essential to your successful operations. Even if you currently have workforce rostering software, it can be time-consuming and confusing. 

Until now.

A better way to plan

Our intelligent rostering solutions are a game-changer, simplifying your planning and rostering so you can maximise your time in other high-value activities.

Because our rostering software has been designed specifically for complex and large scale teams, it has the flexibility to be adapted to any rostering environment.


At Cru Software, it's a privilege to help so many businesses thrive & grow

“Cru's solution is effective and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. One of the reasons I recommend it the most is the team itself are very professional and very willing to help and forward-thinking. They are always looking to improve things, and they are looking for initiatives to make their product better. We’ve found a couple of things that we’ve thought could make the platform better, and every time we’ve sent them through they implement them.”
Peter Quick

Harmony Gold - Workforce Planner & Scheduler

Access to experts

Not only do you get innovative software, you also get superior support from a team of dedicated software specialists. Our offices are scattered across the globe, so we’re there to support you when you need it.

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How can we help

We’ve developed solutions to help you reduce asset downtime, give you the certainty you’ve got the roster right, plus up your staff’s utilisation. All while saving you hours. No more manually adjusting your roster. 

Take a look at our software solutions designed specifically for the resource sectors.

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Maximise staff utilisation


Large scale businesses struggle with downtime and uncertainty, often failing to maximise their staff’s utilisation. Cru solves these problems, allowing you to: 

  • Increase workforce utilisation
  • Simplify the rostering and scheduling process.
  • Remove silos, replace disparate systems and outdated excel solutions.
  • Provide real time analytics
  • Meet your compliance needs
  • Balance your rosters
  • Consider work order prioritisation
  • Be able to adapt to changing scenarios.
One of the biggest problems in the resources sector is the amount of time it takes to finalise rosters and schedule staff for specific jobs. When you combine the complexity of a workforce, with a lack of intelligent and automated systems, businesses end up with a time intensive task. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Although we can’t add more hours in each day, Cru can save you time. A lot of time. Using our intelligent software means:
  • No more clunky manual rosters
  • You get the right people to the right job at the right time
  • Updates and notifications happen in real time
  • Communication is clear and accessible with our workforce Mobile App
With the lines of communication open to your whole team, regardless of where they’re located, you’ll stay on top of any changes or modifications.

Scheduling & rostering software to save you time


Integrate easily with existing HR and payroll systems

Cru Software's workforce rostering solution integrates smoothly with many HRIS, 3rd party vendor apps, in-house built or incumbent solutions.

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Working toward the future

We’ve worked with many global and large corporations to refine their approach to rostering and scheduling. Some of them include Origin Energy, Shell, Harmony Gold, Santos, GFG Alliance and BP.
While this has given a great basis for a quality solution, that doesn’t stop us from continuing to evolve and make even greater improvements to our software. Having been awarded a grant from NERA, we further developed our rostering capability in the area of COVID-19 impact modelling. Results have meant customers can get detailed insights into how COVID-19 is affecting their workforce and continuity of service.
Cru Rostering - Covid

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