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Unlock New Levels of Efficiency with Our Latest Quarterly Updates

In today's fast-paced industries like Mining, Oil & Gas, and Engineering Services, effective workforce management is more crucial than ever for success. We are excited to announce our latest quarterly updates, designed to streamline your rostering processes and enhance compliance, mobilisations, and demand allocation. Discover the powerful features in this release that will elevate your operational efficiency.

What's New in This Release?

Enhanced Demand View & Resource Allocation

Gain clearer insights into workforce demands and optimise resource allocation with our enhanced tools. These improvements ensure the right people are positioned precisely where they need to be, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across operations.

Fatigue & Compliance Engine

Our new Fatigue & Compliance Engine maximises efficiency while minimising manual tasks. It allows you to establish tailored rules and requirements for different customers and sites with ease. This feature ensures your resources are always prepared, validating adherence to specific position and site requirements. By mitigating worker fatigue and enhancing compliance, we help ensure your workforce is ready to meet the demands of any site.

Improved Mobilisation Workflow

With our improved mobilisation workflow, keep your workforce arriving on time and ready to work. Adjust Fly-In/Fly-Out dates and manage requests for late or early demobilisations more effectively. 

Manning Book

Keep your clients informed with a downloadable Manning Book that outlines critical details like workers' certifications, fatigue levels, prior mobilisation details, and more. Alternatively, provide them with a customer login to configure views specifically tailored to their needs.

Updated Workflows and Notifications

Stay connected and informed with our updated in-app messaging system and alerts, which facilitate communication among planners, schedulers, and administrators. Utilize our KPI dashboards to monitor progress and enhance your workforce management strategies.

Explore the New Features

Are you ready to see how these updates can transform your workforce management? We invite you to schedule a demo with us today and take the first step towards a more streamlined and efficient operation. Our latest features are crafted to help you navigate the complexities of your industry with greater ease and success.

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