Workforce rostering software


Simple rostering software for complex businesses

Does your rostering take too much time?

Is your rostering system painfully inadequate?

Are you spending time manually adjusting rosters?


Our rostering software is both innovative and adaptive

But above all, it’s designed to simplify the rostering process for complex workforces. And because it sits in the Cloud, you know it’s updating in real-time, so everyone is on the same page. Regardless of where they’re working.

Create rosters in minutes with confidence. With the ability to consider criteria, handle multiple sites and large teams, Cru Rostering is the preferred software for heavy resource businesses.

Get the visibility and flexibility you need with the coverage you want

Cru Rostering has been designed to easily manage the complexities and unique rostering requirements for businesses of all sizes. Plus, it’s designed to optimise how your workforce operates. Managing unexpected changes will be a breeze with the powerful visualisation through our configurable dashboards. 
From monitoring employee and contractor availability, creating 'what if' scenarios, and handling fatigue management, Cru Rostering considers the unique factors of your business while ensuring you maximise resource use.
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Why are over 90,000 workers using Cru Rostering?

A rostering app that’s simple to use and built with your workers in mind, and focuses solely on making sure your workers are where they need to be when they need to be there. It removes outdated communication processes and simplifies workflows for your rostering teams. 

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Cru Rostering brings you a range of benefits

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Rostering that’s great for you and your team

Cru Rostering is not just great for you. It also brings a range of benefits to your team. With a firmer grip on creating efficient and effective rosters, it improves communication and fosters a collaborative approach to rostering.

Your team will love:

  • Fair and predictive rosters
  • Their ability to fit work into their personal commitments
  • Participating in the rostering process by managing their availability, planning time off, and accepting or declining shift offers
  • Being able to resolve conflicts between rostered work and personal obligations

Remove the complexity

Cru Rostering automatically rosters on the right amount of people. No more manual or complex systems. It’s a simple, responsive and flexible solution for building rosters to fit diverse teams and roles.

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