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Cru Software receives Innovation award from leading Oil & Gas producer

Thank you, Santos!

Santos Onshore Development and Cru Software have been awarded the Directors EHSS Awards for 'Innovation & Efficiency'.

Cru was recognised for its  Automated Network Design (ANT) solution that saved Santos millions in design and construction costs. Before using ANT, it would take the team weeks or months to generate network designs manually. With ANT, the design takes minutes, the team can make changes in real time and create endless scenarios with associated costs. The technology revolutionised Santos' processes in a significant way.

As part of the implementation of the tool, Cru Software thanks Santos for the opportunity to work with the Onshore Development team. 

Want to know more about ANT (Automated Network Design)?

 Features and benefits:

  • Design optimised gathering networks automatically
  • Radically reduce the manual effort required to produce a complete network design
  • Positions and orients wells in the field using lidar and survey data, selecting the appropriate type of well according to user-defined criteria
  • Handles pipe sizing using pressure & flow modelling
  • Accounts for power network demands and sizing
  • Generates optimal access road placement, accounting for existing road placement and quality
  • Designs gas, water and power network according to user-configurable rules
  • Create and modify geometry data directly in a map
  • Allows automatic placement of wells in a field based on the spacing and drill depth required
  • Easy integration into existing company workflows
  • Integrates with databases to gather LIDAR and GIS data
  • Allows multiple projects and scenarios to be created and designed in parallel
  • Allows seamless collaboration between users

To learn more about how you can optimise your operations and design planning process, please contact us directly. 

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