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Harmony Gold recognised for innovative workforce management

Harmony Gold Partners with Cru Software - Rostering for Success

We are delighted to celebrate the partnership between Cru Software and Harmony Gold, a world-class gold mining and exploration company with a global presence.

After wanting and needing to transform their traditional and manual Rostering process digitally, Harmony Gold has successfully deployed CRU Rostering with outstanding results. 

Once the COVID pandemic hit Harmony Gold's spreadsheet roster system, they found that their traditional system no longer suited their needs. “In the past, rostering  was mostly maintained on spreadsheets, with each department managing their own cohort of people and their own roster patterns,” Harmony SE Asia human resources manager Sandra Almeida told Australian Mining.

“We are blown away by the success of the deployment at Harmony Gold. The digital rostering software solution has transformed the management of their people and allowed them to achieve extensive operational efficiencies and financial controls.  A secondary benefit to the solution was unlocking valuable insights to support their organisational goals” says Jason Cameron, CEO of Cru Software. 

Australian Mining featured the success story in the August Edition of their print magazine and online. Congratulations, Harmony Gold, on your success. 

Read the Australian Mining feature article.

Learn more about Harmony Gold's Rostering Transformation through the learnings of their Lead Workforce Planner and Scheduler. 

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