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NERA fund Cru to pioneer rapid tech solution to combat the unexpected

NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) has awarded Cru Software funding to help scale our innovative rostering solution. As a result of the funding, we will be able to improve our rostering capability in the area of COVID-19, and we will be able to focus more on the impact modelling of natural disasters and unexpected events. 

When selecting organisations to award this matched funding, NERA identified 10 innovative Australian companies with the potential to serve the resource industry with the impact of COVID-19.  NERA CEO, Miranda Taylor said,  “NERA's mission has and continues to be 'creating connections for growth'. Now more than ever this commitment to championing our sector to collaborate and come together remains vitally important. In the midst of widespread business disruptions and uncertainty, we’re working to help our sector do what it does best and innovate at speed to help support the wider community as we navigate these challenging times.”

Cru's technology and goal are to help companies remain relevant in industry by maximizing resource efficiency while ensuring their workers' safety and well-being. The results have enabled customers to understand how COVID-19 affects their workforce and continuity of service.

Further developments in CRU Rostering Software will enable organizations to plan and respond rapidly when faced with unexpected disruptions, such as shutdowns or natural disasters.  In addition, the tool allows organisations to create multiple scenarios to understand their impacts on workers and production outputs. 

We were selected for project funding with 9 other companies who have delivered successful solutions, including our Partner, MyPass Global, which now includes critical COVID-19 eLearning training, self-decelerations, test results and immunisation records to protect critical workers and offer real-time visibility for companies. 

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