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How can smarter scheduling improve your role? Learn from Origin Energy

Scheduling is a critical part of running a successful business, division or project. Origin Energy's James Rasmussen chats to us about how adopting DIMO (now Cru Rostering and Scheduling) has enabled a multi-disciplinary capability in maintaining and operating Origin's coal seam gas assets and infrastructure that occupy a wide expanse of southwest and central Queensland.

We caught up with James for a brief interview about his professional journey, the state of play for enterprise asset management in the energy sector, the impact of adopting automated rostering software and optimised scheduling, and emerging industry trends. Read on to discover what he had to say.

What is your current role at Origin? What does this entail?

I am an Enterprise Asset Management Administrator providing strategic guidance, tactical support and analytical insights to Origin Energy's Integrated Gas asset master data. I am accountable for ongoing governance of master data standards and data integrity within the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), as well as alignment with Origin's core Manage Assets processes.

My responsibilities include providing oversight and direction during periods of mass data loads and/or change, as well as providing functional uplift of wider engineering and maintenance user groups.

What are some of the key operational and business challenges in Asset Management and your role?

In my role as Enterprise Asset Management Administrator, some of the key challenges include managing changing expectations of asset and maintenance master data consumers through periods of organisational change, as well as technological disruption. I provide broader knowledge and uplift to engineering and project teams to ensure implications of operational readiness and change is reflected in CMMS master data.

Which challenges are automated rostering and optimised scheduling addressing for Origin? How does it help?

DIMO provides a platform to consolidate multiple sources of resources and work records. For the first time, a complete, consolidated list of people resources (both Origin employees and contractors) is available to assess availability and competencies. DIMO's scheduling optimisation engine allows automated scheduling functionality through the use of intelligent business-defined algorithms.

DIMO offers the digital and user interfaces necessary to expose, consolidate and consume key scheduling data, transforming it into information and subsequently into a knowledge base with ongoing machine learning capability.

What are the key benefits of using optimised scheduling?

DIMO (now Cru Rostering Software & Scheduling) represents a step-change in the way work scheduling is undertaken. Optimised, intelligent scheduling provides consistent, repeatable outputs in line with business-defined rules. This automated functionality frees up the time of planners and schedulers to focus on high-value planning and master data improvement tasks.

Are there any bottom-line results or measurements of success you can share?

DIMO's rostering tool has improved our ability to visualise and consume resource information, providing business confidence that scheduled work can be supported with available, competent people.

Which emerging trends do you see impacting asset management in the energy sector in the near future?

It's great to see development in digital forms on mobile devices that can capture results of work and transpose these results back into the CMMS as structured data elements that define future actions and provide an automated, clearly defined asset history.

Extending on the transition from forms-based, written work instructions to video-based guidance, the application of emerging technologies associated with augmented reality is a space that looks incredibly exciting.


About James Rasmussen:

James is an asset and maintenance systems professional with over 30 years of experience spanning the asset-intensive sectors of CSG, power generation, mining and heavy manufacturing. He enjoys leading and participating in high-performance teams with significant and successful businesses, using Oracle and SAP business systems, as well as the many peripheral analytics: scheduling, reliability, and safety systems native to these businesses. James is skilled at providing strategic guidance, tactical support and analytical insight to all asset maintenance master data and ensuring sustained governance of standards and data integrity.

About Cru Rostering & Scheduling:

Cru Rostering and Scheduling make asset management and maintenance scheduling easy, helping businesses like Origin get maximum value from their resources and reducing compliance risks. Cru Software is used to schedule preventative and corrective maintenance across thousands of hectares of upstream gas wells in Australia. On average, the solution delivers a 30% increase in tool time and a 20% reduction in travel time while generating schedules in under 1 hour. Cru Scheduling ensures you get the right person to the right place at the right time. 

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