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Don't forget those in need: Helping those affected by the floods

Are you paying attention or is it fading to the back of your mind? Out of sight, out of mind. Regardless of the fact that media hype has died down and the roads are passable, not everyone in our communities are safe and sound.

Checking in with family, neighbours, friends, and business owners is important during this post-flood, recovery period. The most difficult time for recovery is when the chaos of the storm is over and people see just how big of a job this really is. 

Remember Those Affected By Recent Floods

Our social media platforms at Cru Software only reach so far, so now it's your turn to #spreadtheword. Remind the people and communities around you that they are not forgotten. If you're unsure of how to help, check out the resources below to help:

For inspiration, we've listed some Queensland Resources companies and some of our customers who have donated millions of dollars and donated many hours towards recovery efforts in flood-affected areas of the country.

What steps are you taking to keep your community on the road to recovery?

 Origin Energy donated $100,000 to BizRebuild and continues to match Origin employee donations made to fund relief efforts.

 Anglo American has donated $1 million to the flood recovery efforts in Queensland and New South Wales, with $500,000 going to the Queensland SES to provide first-aid kits, defibrillators and other operational equipment to assist with flood response and resilience.

Thiess mobilised its own Mud Army where over 65 employees offered their time to deliver and distribute cleaning products and clean more than 40 residences. In addition, they contributed over 2,500 hot meals and cold drinks were provided to people unable to leave their homes. Thiess team members contributed financial donations to St Vincent de Paul and the Red Cross and donated physical items through GIVIT.

Glencore announced a $2 million donation to The Salvation Army’s Flood Appeal for 2022.

The BHP Foundation donated $2 million to the Australian Red Cross to support emergency relief efforts for those impacted in Queensland and New South Wales.

Rio Tinto donated $1.5 million to disaster relief and recovery efforts in Queensland and New South Wales comprising of $750,000 to the Australian Red Cross’ Floods Appeal, $500,000 to BizRebuild, and $250,000 to

South32 donated $350,000 each to the Australian Red Cross – Queensland and New South Wales Flood Appeals and Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. The donations include provisions to match employee donations dollar-for-dollar.

Newcrest Mining donated $150,000 to the Australian Red Cross and is matching employee contributions, dollar-for-dollar, up to a further $100,000 made to relevant organisations providing on-the-ground assistance to impacted communities.

Senex Energy donated $30,000 to flood appeals, matched with another $10,000 from their employees.

KalTire Australia donated $5000 to support flood recovery efforts, including $2000 to ‘Baby Give Back's Flood Appeal, $2000  to GIVIT and $1000 to Red Cross Australia.

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If you'd like to start the conversation about how to support your community, please reach out to us. 

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