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Cru & MyPass transform resource & compliance management in mining

Today, Cru Software announced the continued expansion of its solution ecosystem integrating with MyPass Global enabling compliant workers onsite faster than ever before! 

MyPass, an award-winning technology that simplifies compliance and onboarding in heavily regulated industries, has integrated with Cru Software, a leading cloud-based rostering and scheduling software provider, to transform how organisations mobilise their workers to site.

Together Cru Software and MyPass will help organisations reduce workforce sourcing, onboarding and rostering time and enable compliant workers to get onsite faster than ever before.

Integrating both products translates complex business priorities and requirements into simplified workflows and clean user interfaces. Reducing the number of applications and processes for organisations and their workforces, maximising productivity and operational efficiency.

“In a post-pandemic and disruptive world, it is essential for organisations to have their workers in the field and make up for lost production. We are pleased to integrate with MyPass to help change and transform things for the better,” Cru Software Chief Executive Officer Jason Cameron said.

“The integration of the MyPass platform with Cru’s software creates a natural fit. Cru’s specialty Rostering solution complements our core purpose to drive workforce optimisation and safety by connecting compliant workers to the right job at the right time,” MyPass Global Chief Executive Officer Matt Smith said.

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About CRU Rostering
Time-saving, intelligent automated rostering software that can manage workers from anywhere. Rapidly create rosters in minutes. CRU Rostering can manage an entire workforce roster from a single platform, no matter where workers are located. CRU Rostering helps the most complex businesses simplify the rostering process and focus on growth.

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About MyPass Global
MyPass Global is a digital workforce management system designed to streamline safety and compliance in highly regulated industries. Founded in 2013, MyPass addresses a universal problem – workforce compliance tracking – by connecting workers, employers, sites and training providers in one central, cloud-based portal.

MyPass is creating a global worker credentialing platform designed to save time and reduce risk in the workplace.

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