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Automate and optimise business processes for efficiency. WIMARQ event

Through a thought leadership reference group, Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) aspires to connect, nurture, and support women to achieve their goals within the Queensland Mining and Resources sector, as well as to influence improvements in gender diversity and inclusion outcomes. 

In every industry and in every organization striving for gender diversity, we are committed to supporting this effort. Alina, one of our FIFO experience workers, gathered data and delivered a solution to a remote mining company in Australia. She was even more honoured to present to the WIMARQ group. 

The project Alina was working on involved data collection of a diverse range of operational variables from multiple stakeholders, with the objective of optimising business processes from ROM to port to maximise revenue - the full Value Chain. The process required gathering information from various sources, including:

  • A survey questionnaire sent out to all employees
  • An online survey was completed by each employee at the end of their shift
  • Data collected manually from spreadsheets
  • Incoming emails from management requesting specific data

Alina’s presentation included:

  • How she came across this opportunity
  • What she learned during the course of the project
  • Her recommendations for future projects
  • Removing the reliance on manual and excel related processes

In her presentation, Alina discussed some of her expectations going into the project, the challenges she encountered, and the lessons she learned.

Prior to commencing with Cru Software, Alina was working as a research scientist at the Centre for Advanced Imaging and was awarded a PhD degree in Medical Physics from the University of Queensland.

Alina is passionate about data mining, cleaning, wrangling, and visualisation and how to translate this analysis into coherent and customer-friendly storytelling. She believes in measurable success and has a strong focus on data power for smart decision-making and user experience.

Mining professionals who are interested in hearing about Alina’s experience at site and learning how commercial mathematics, automated rostering software and scheduling optimisation can benefit their businesses bottom-line are invited to review the event using the links below or contact us directly. 

Thank you to Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) and the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) for the opportunity to host this event. 

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Women in Mining and Resources Queensland is a diverse community of passionate people who collaborate to connect, nurture and support women in industry. This group of volunteers organise opportunities for mentoring, supporting and encouraging women working in, studying for or taking a break from the minerals and energy sectors. WIMARQ recognises companies and individuals who champion gender diversity and make available information to inform members about gender diversity issues, strategies and statistics through the annual Resources Awards for Women. Women and men from all sections of the sector are warmly welcome to attend WIMARQ events, which are held in Brisbane and regional locations.

The WIMARQ Board is comprised of volunteers from across the industry who are passionate about supporting and advocating for the advancement of women in mining and resources through education and training.