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Origin transitions to Automated Rostering and Optimised Scheduling

Origin Energy's Integrated Gas eAM Administrator James Rasmussen's presentation at the 2019 Mainstream Conference, entitled, featuring"Transition to Automated Activity Scheduling Technology" our Distributed Infrastructure Maintenance Optimisation solution DIMO, now known as Cru Rostering and Cru Scheduling


During the presentation, James illustrated how adopting DIMO (Cru Scheduling and Rostering Software enabled a multi-disciplinary capability in maintaining and operating Origin’s coal seam gas assets and infrastructure that occupy a wide expanse of southwest and central Queensland.

Biarri EMI (now Cru Software) CEO, says that Origin is not the only customer he has seen impacted by the complexities of scheduling.

"Traditionally, energy and resources companies have used disparate manual systems to schedule workers and assets. Often schedules are created in isolation, resulting in a lack of visibility between inter-departmental business units, along with undocumented rules or processes for the manual pathway.  This is a time consuming and cumbersome approach to complex and critical processes.”

“Industry players are beginning to drive modernisation of these core processes, having a huge benefit to workers and revenue streams, while reducing costs and supporting the strategic growth of their business,” he said.

The Mainstream Conference was a celebration of the people, leadership and technology transforming Asset Management. Biarri EMI was excited to see the Mainstream program evolve and progress to acknowledge that maintenance and reliability have moved beyond their operational role. These areas are fast transforming into a core, focused, and disciplined strategic business function, with people, technology and new standards acting as the essential enablers of this transformation.

A huge thank you to James Rasmussen for recognising and sharing how DIMO has assisted Origin Energy.

“Origin’s CSG assets and infrastructure occupy a wide expanse of southwest and central Queensland. Because of travelling time – and disparate work management systems – a consolidated ‘field service maintain/operate’ model was necessary rather than the traditional maintenance functionality provided by our incumbent ERP solution.

“DIMO sharpened our business focus to develop a multi-disciplinary capability to maintain and operate the assets.”

James explained that DIMO provides an automated and optimised process to manage all aspects of field service maintenance including:

  • Asset scheduling
  • Work order creation
  • Work assignment
  • Worker tracking
  • Worker reporting

“The benefits of this integrated system were immediately apparent when we began using DIMO on our first project,” James said.

About Cru Rostering & Scheduling:

Cru Rostering and Scheduling make asset management and maintenance scheduling easy, helping businesses like Origin get maximum value from their resources and reducing compliance risks. Cru Software is used to schedule preventative and corrective maintenance across thousands of hectares of upstream gas wells in Australia. On average, the solution delivers a 30% increase in tool time and a 20% reduction in travel time while generating schedules in under 1 hour. Cru Scheduling ensures you get the right person to the right place at the right time. 

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