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Cru selected as top ten global tech companies transforming oil and gas

The company has been awarded the title “Best in Class” for its innovative technology solutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety.

After extensive due diligence, Biarri EMI - now Cru Software- was selected as one of the world's top ten tech companies that are currently deploying technologies that will revolutionise the oil and gas sector. As a consequence, we gained a greater foothold in the US market. 

At the time the object of interest was Biarri EMI’s Distributed Infrastructure Maintenance Optimisation solution (DIMO), now known as Cru Rostering and Scheduling. The algorithmic asset-centric scheduling and automated rostering software solution are used to schedule preventative and corrective maintenance across thousands of hectares of upstream wells in Australia. By integrating with the operator’s existing enterprise solutions, Cru Rostering & Scheduling provides a simple user experience for planners, schedulers and supervisors. The solutions reduce time spent manually creating plans while optimising the utilisation of resources and minimising production impact.

Read the blog to learn how Cru's solutions maximize productivity, with an average 30% increase in tool time and a 20% reduction in travel time per activity while reducing repeat visits to wells due to alignment by an average of 10% and generating schedules in under one hour.

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About Cru Software

We are an Australian company based in Australia. Our team has been working together for over 10 years, and we have developed a range of products that help businesses grow. We were known as Biarri EMI and have recently changed to Cru Software. We saw businesses in a range of sectors face a variety of dilemmas. But the one thing they all needed was a simplified solution to solve complex rostering and scheduling challenges. 

Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to get more out of their assets by providing them with the best possible tools to manage their operations. By combining our expertise in business management systems and industry-leading technology, we provide a complete suite of solutions that can be easily integrated into your current infrastructure.

To learn more about us, visit or follow @crusoftware on Twitter or check out the NERA 2020 - Growing Australia Oil & Gas Supply Chain article.