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Automated Network Design Workforce Management in the spotlight

Biarri EMI is proud to be exhibiting and presenting at the Australasian Oil & Gas Conference on Thursday, March 12, at Perth Convention Centre. Our Business Development Lead, Nigel Bull, will be representing us at the technology station presented by the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA). Here we will showcase our current and new technologies by demonstrating our simple-to-use products in the fields of Industrial Workforce Management and Automated Network Design – powered by mathematical algorithms.

AOG is the perfect setting for Nigel to illustrate how adopting our simple software products can enormously impact operational excellence and save organisations both time and money.

Nigel states that we see similar struggles across all our customers concerning operational efficiency. “Traditionally, energy and resources companies use disparate manual systems to schedule workers and assets. Often schedules are created in isolation, resulting in a lack of visibility between business units, sites and workers, along with undocumented processes & rules for the manual pathway.  This is a time-consuming and cumbersome approach to complex and critical processes and can increase downtime by over 30%.”

Nigel will showcase DIMO (now known as Cru Rostering and Scheduling Software), our unified industrial work management solution that breaks down planning silos and automates schedule creation to deliver strategically aligned & optimised schedules. On average, DIMO delivers a 30% increase in tool time and a 20% reduction in travel time while generating schedules in under 1 hour.

Also being showcased is our Automated Network Design application. ANT accelerates the speed to the first production by automating the network design process and has recently proven to save major operators millions of design and construction costs. Before using ANT, operators would take weeks or months to manually generate network designs effectively, with significant limitations on running scenarios. With ANT, designs take minutes.

ANT eliminates the need for manual network design, incorporates new information or requirements as they become available and automatically builds cost estimations.  Project teams have upfront visibility of procurement and construction estimates and can allow the network design teams to rapidly iterate on networks, adjusting designs and costs in real time.