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Project rostering just got smarter: Here's how

Spreadsheets are great – until they’re not.

 While they can be amazingly useful for a variety of businesses, what we hear time and again from companies with complex workforces is this:

  • Our spreadsheets have become too big and unwieldy.
  • They’re no longer easy to use and read.
  • They’re time-consuming and prone to errors.

Which all lead to a decrease in productivity and efficiency.


The trouble with rostering project-based work

The shortfalls of spreadsheets can be seen even more plainly when rostering for project-based work. This includes:

  • projects done by engineering services companies at mine, well sites, such as shutdowns or CHPP overhauls
  • bodies of work where specific skills are needed for a defined period.

 These discrete bundles of work – where a contracting company will engage workers on an as-needed basis for the duration of the project – add a layer of complexity to standard rosters and can be a real headache for planners trying to build them in spreadsheets!


The solution to rostering project-based work

Cru Rostering software has helped many clients by providing Cloud-based, automated, intelligent rostering that saves time and simplifies planning.

And what about separate projects happening across multiple sites with unique worker requirements? Can Cru make this process easier too? Yes, we can.

As a planner, all you need to roster projects are:

  •     project start and end dates
  •     role types and the number of workers needed for each
  •     relevant skills/qualifications/certifications for workers.

 You’ll have the same capabilities as when you’re building a standard roster with Cru, assigning the right workers across different roles, locations and projects. And the best part? Your project rosters won’t impact your permanent baseline roster or other project rosters, making it easy to identify gaps and fill shifts across your operations.


The benefits, briefly.

We could talk to you all day about the advantages of using Cru to roster projects, so here’s the short version…

  • Speed. Building a project roster without impacting the baseline roster or other project rosters takes a few minutes. Fill those gaps fast, then get on with running your business.

  • Simplicity. Your planners and schedulers can organise a project on the go with drag-and-drop functionality and a workflow that lets them build out project requirements.

  • Cloud. You’re using a web-based application, so it’s secure, scalable and reliable, and real-time roster updates are visible to everyone.

  • Integration. Cru integrates with other vital systems, including MyPass, so you can ensure project workers are certified and Fly2Work, making it easy to get your workers onsite.

Ready to find out more about how Cru Rostering software can improve your project planning? Contact us with your questions or book a demo of our latest features.

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