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Cru Software expands Solution Ecosystem by Partnering with Market Leader, Fly2Work.

Today, Cru Software announced the continued expansion of its solution ecosystem by partnering with Fly2Work, a SAAS market leader in automated travel management for mobile workforces. The partnership will further accelerate the digital transformation of fly-in-fly-out workforces and d …

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Origin Energy transitions to Automated Rostering and Optimised Scheduling software

Origin Energy's Integrated Gas eAM Administrator James Rasmussen's presentation at the 2019 Mainstream Conference, entitled, featuring"Transition to Automated Activity Scheduling Technology" our Distributed Infrastructure Maintenance Optimisation solution DIMO, now known as Cru Roster …

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Maximise productivity, reduce travel time and minimise risk with DIMO

Our Distributed Infrastructure Maintenance Optimisation solution (DIMO) is used to schedule preventative and corrective maintenance across thousands of hectares of upstream wells in Australia. By integrating with the operator’s existing enterprise solutions, DIMO provides a hassle-fre …

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