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At Cru, we understand a solution can sometimes be difficult to visualise and comprehend with your particular business and current process.

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Proof of concept                        

Demonstrate solution feasibility

Our Proof of Concept is an opportunity to demonstrate our solution's feasibility.  Using a prepopulated demo environment, you’ll get a deeper understanding of our features and functionality.  Working with a Cru Consultant, you’ll supply a cut of data so we can provide insights on how our optimisation engine can help improve the efficiency of your business and processes.

Proof of value

Tailored specifically to your business

A Cru Software Proof of Value goes beyond demonstrating how a software solution works; it is tailored and configured specifically to your business and data. There is a focus on a business issue or pain point and how the software can solve it. As a result, you will be able to determine if the software fits your business needs and provides the starting point for full implementation.

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At a Glance

Business Case Support for digital transformation

As a result, the foundations can determine if the software matches the needs of your business.

Check out our two-page document, Business Case Support at a Glance.


Why undertake a Proof of value or concept?

Demonstrate and highlight the value

It can demonstrate and highlight the value of implementing a solution in your business before you fully invest and go all the way with it. It provides the benefit of reducing buying risk with the following advantages:

When you partner with Cru Software, we first understand your organisation’s needs in order to recommend the right solution for your unique business. Talk to us about our Proof of Value and Concept offerings to ensure you make the right investment decision.

Our approach will typically

consist of a

  • Workshop to define a focused goal and objectives
  • Limited and defined scope
  • 2 - 8 week engagement
  • Presentation to stakeholders
  • Support documentation for business case

By targeting a specific area of your business or a particular problem, and by collaborating quickly with you, your team, and our experts, we can quickly demonstrate the value of investing in a Cru Software solution.



This approach often leads to greater stakeholder buy-in and sets the wheels in motion for approval of the full implementation.

The Results

We worked with Cru to understand what was really happening within our business. The POC project focused on how we were distributing work packages to our suppliers, and where we could obtain improvements. During the investigation phase, an estimated 12% of activities were found to be misaligned. After running the schedule optimisation we achieved a reduction of visits by 9%, with some larger sites achieving a 23% improvement to the alignment of activities.
Manager Infrastructure - Operations & Service Delivery

QLD based Water Utility


Misaligned Activity

POC found an estimated 12% of activities were misaligned.


Reduction of Visits

Schedule optimisation engine reduced number of visits by 9%


Improved Alignment

Larger sites achieved up to 23% improvement to the alignment of activities. 

Our customers

* All features and workflows are configurable

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Integrate easily with existing HR and payroll systems

Cru Software's workforce rostering solution integrates smoothly with many HRIS, 3rd party vendor apps, in-house built or incumbent solutions.

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